Spring Organizing GIVEAWAY!





  1. Do you go to people’s houses? After 40 years of marriage and keeping
    everything for everyone I am very much overwhelmed with it all. I can’t
    even see the floor to get to the window to let fresh air in. I need help
    big time. Worse than a horder for sure. HELP PLEASE

  2. Before I started watching your videos I was so down about myself after just
    having a baby and could not find the motivation inside myself to have a
    productive day everyday.. but thanks to you I am taking the correct steps
    to get my life organized and happy! With or without winning, you have
    already done so much for me and my family!! Youre awesome! <3

  3. Awe this sucks, it says you can’t enter unless you are 18 or over.
    Alejandra, is there any way you can change this? I’m 13 and I love
    organizing, I wish I could enter so badly!

  4. I am in such a slump. I really need to organize every room. Just told
    hubby, that I am out of organizing ideas and I need assistance. What a God
    send your program would be. Wish I could win. Will everyone here get a
    chance to win.? Not everyone is on Facebook!

  5. Alejandra please make videos of exactly what items you need in a single
    apartment ? One person living on their own. So that I can declutter, I
    don’t know what to throw away!