Mother’s Day Leaf Prints


Here’s another cool DIY craft video.

This week, Marianne (and her daughter Lulu!) make cute painted prints with spring leaves. It's the perfect Mother's Day activity…and a great addition to any gallery wall!

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  1. I love it when Lulu is in your videos! She is so adorably cute and funny!
    And I’ve actually done an art project like this before. It was done during
    the fall season and what you do is collect the fallen leaves, with many
    different shapes and sizes. Then u place it under printer paper and color
    over it with colored pencils. The rough look of coloring over it gives it a
    nice look. Then take a colored construction paper and glue it to the back
    and hang on your wall! I hope you try this, because it was a lot of fun for
    my younger siblings and me! <3

  2. Lulu is so cute! She’s better than me at painting! This is such a fun cool
    idea 🙂 I live in the UK so mothers days already passed but I’m defiantly
    gonna do this next year X