MayBaby DIY Choker Necklace





  1. I think this diy is better be a hair tie rather than a choker. Who would
    wear those? If it was a hair tie, it will be fashionable and functional. 

  2. I think the way the camera moves makes me a bit dizzy, it’s kinda strange.
    Thought the first and second idea were a bit too similar, wouldn’t give
    these as gifts myself but handy for quick accessories for myself.

  3. Why not just make the elastic slightly longer and sew or glue a square of
    Velcro to the ends, you could then run a lighter a long the cut edge of the
    elastic to seal it and stop any fraying. Sorry but saying your hair covers
    the closing so its OK to use a safety pin is just sloppy.

  4. Agreeing with what’s been said so far- the idea is really cute and fun, but
    an adjustable ribbon closure or velcro snap would have been better. Trust
    me, I have a choker with a safety pin clasp in the back. It is so
    uncomfortable and rips hair out of the back of my neck if I wear it for
    long periods of time. 

  5. I don’t ever think in 1 million years I would give these to someone for
    Christmas never mind wearing it myself, these looked really cheap and
    tacky, I know the point is to save money but after buying all the things
    you need you’d be cheaper buying a real chocker there only like £3?!?!

  6. These are cute and fast to make, but I wish they had a better closure. The
    safety pin looks cheap and I would never give that as a gift to a friend.

  7. Great personality and a great start on a gift idea. Definitely, I would
    make changes but for teenagers to give each other as gifts, or someone
    without a lot of money, it is a great idea. You can sew a bit of ribbon
    and tie on the choker, or sew a button and make a loop of many kinds to
    button it. DIY’ers can build off the idea. Cover the elastic with a bit
    of pretty ribbon that extends to a tie .. and embellishments galore! 

  8. Really? A simple piece of elastic, nothing done to prevent the ends from
    fraying and closed with a safety pin? That’s a half-assed project if I have
    ever seen one! You could close them with a push button or show hoy you can
    make something including a little piece of chain so people can adjust the
    length to their neck. That safety pin does not look like “a tiny piece of
    metal”, it looks like a safety pin. Another problem is that chokers need to
    fit extremely well in order to stay up and not choke the person who is
    wearing them. How is this a great gift, if you rund the risk of giving
    something completely unusable to your friends? Also there is a good chance
    because you are using stiff hot glue on an elastic piece of fabric that the
    rhinestones will just fall off if you stretch the fabric underneath even a
    little bit.
    Sorry, it’s a nicely edited video, but the craft is ridiculous. 

  9. I’m sorry but these look tribble, cheap and boring. I’m not trying to be
    mean but I just don’t thing DIYing is your thing. The safety pin just
    doesn’t seem safe and looks very cheep

  10. I get it as a last minute sort of thing, if you really feel like its needed
    for your own look… but for a gift to someone else? That just seems rude.

  11. For the ring choker, if one wanted to make it look more polished, I think
    it would look really nice if one punched an eyelet into the choker and then
    used a larger jump ring to attach the ring or whatever. Or… could even
    just make a bunch of eyelets in the choker for it’s own unique

  12. Very personable and sweet youtuber… that’s the only thing good about this
    video. The content was horrible. Im getting real sick of seeing a bunch of
    extremely simple DIY videos… here is the video summed up in one sentence
    “make some cheap looking chokers by embellishing and safety pinning some
    elastic to you neck.” If you don’t have interesting and useful content why
    are you making a video? For views which I’m assuming translates to money. 

  13. I get that your a teenager and such, but these really look cheap to me.
    They didn’t look polished to me. Sorry.

    I grew up in the 90s when chokers were the big fad and made a bunch of my
    own. I used thread, ribbons, belts and anything else in between. Despite
    being “goth” I never used safety pins to close them. I always used clasps,
    snaps, or buttons.