MayBaby 3 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas





  1. Omg u r the best can we be friends I mean u r just like me p.s. I’m
    starting my channel on diy’s u inspired me thank you very much I’m looking
    forward to ur giveaway I hope I win 

  2. Guys, stop with all the hate! You need to cut Meg some slack! She may not
    be the most professional crafter or this may not be the best DIY, but she
    is trying so give her credit! Luv u Meg

  3. I love the tea bag idea with a tea cup! I would have never thought of that
    since everything seems to be focused on mugs and hot chocolate this time of
    year haha. True the oven mitt idea being on Ann’s channel may not have been
    the best attention to detail, but to be fair this video probably had to be
    filmed at least a week or two or more in advance, plus maybe there are some
    viewers who aren’t subscribed to Ann (which you totally should be if not!).
    There may be some hard core crafters like myself that would think of better
    ways to do these crafts, but as long as this started an idea in your mind
    then I think this video served its purpose 🙂 keep the ideas coming :D

  4. *SOME* of the HgTv subscribers are just as petulant and ill mannered as
    little teenage girls fighting with each other on a Justin Bieber video. You
    guys are basically acting like craft snobs over the fact Meg used the wrong
    crafting terminology, lord forbid what she do next, call Mod Podge glue?

    Hgtv invites who they want onto their channel. If you have nothing nice to
    say why berate this poor girl? Same goes to insulting other guests on here.

    I like seeing the guests on this channel but reading the horrible comments
    people leave makes me think otherwise. 

  5. Brown mesh?.. It’s called burlap.. I love HGTV handmade, but this guest
    isn’t that great. It’d be nice if the guest knew the name of the crafting
    materials they’re using and researched their project. This idea has already
    been done by a HGTV crafter!