Make a beautiful Jewelry Crate Display



We have posted a lot of jewelry DIY’s lately and received a lot of responses that were asking for good ways to store your favorite gems.

Kelsey over at posted a very e DIY Jewelry Crate the other day and we thought that’s just what our readers are looking for! It is very easy to make and looks amazing!

You Will Need:

• Wooden Crate
• Wood Stain
• Brass Screw Hooks
• Sandpaper
• Cardboard Boxes
• Glass Cabinet Knobs
• Hammer and Nails

Many of you ask where we buy our supplies for our DIY’s. I would always recommend Amazon.
It’s the easiest way to order all your supplies at once, without having to run to multiple stores which can be unsuccessful at times…

1. First we need to prepare the crate for staining. Since Crates aren’t usually made from the nicest wood there will be rough patches that have to be sanded down.

2. When you are done sanding the rough patches, you’re ready for staining. Take a brush or rag and drag the stain over one area. Try to do this in thin and even strokes. When you have covered a small area, just wipe it off with a dry rag. Repeat this until your entire crate is covered. Let the first coat dry for about two hours and do another coat. That should be enough. Let the stain dry overnight so you don’t get all messy with the next steps!

3. Now you can add your hooks. Use a ruler or something straight to make sure that the hooks are even and centered. To avoid splitting of the wood, you should mark your holes with a push pin and then take a hammer and nail to start the hole. This will make screwing your hooks in easier and the wood won’t split.

4. Screw in the hooks. Try to make your hooks face the same way so that it looks more unison and professional because we want our DIY to look store bought right?

5. You can add some boxes for additional storage. Mark your hole with a pencil. Next take your push pin and poke a hole straight through your box. Then make the hole bigger with a nail and then a pencil. At this point simply stick your screw through and tighten your knob and you’re done!

6. Place your boxes in your crate and you’re all done! Wasn’t that easy?

Please leave a comment how you liked this tutorial! Also have a look at our other tutorials!