How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet





  1. we could use adhesive foam dots or squares think scrapbooking) on the door
    racks so they don’t rattle couldn’t we? I don’t like to put sticky things
    on my wood cabinet doors. The foam could be attached to the back of the
    rack, rather than the door…..?

  2. Where do you put your dish towel and hand towel? I have mine hanging over
    my under-sink cabinet doors but I do admit, it doesn’t look very classy.
    Any tips? (Love your videos, by the way :-)

  3. Great ideas. I have to get creative until I have another counter top and
    cabinets installed so for now I have to store my pans, juicer, blentec and
    saucepans under the sink. I have two cookware organizers that work
    brilliantly. A few command hooks for some handball utensils. I think I will
    add the over the door organizer to hold my dish liquid, sponge and
    scrubbers. Really good use of limited space. I will have to take a picture

  4. Can you let me know what the putty is? What is it called and where I can
    buy it? I’m loving all your videos and have been redoing things based on
    your ideas! Im thinking the putty could be a game changer!

  5. I am loving your organization tips im going to tackle my kitchen and
    restroom cabinets today. Thanks for making it on a budget because I am on a
    budget lol

  6. I wish you would talk a little slower as i am in the UK i find it hard to
    follow you,although we talk the same language some of the terms you use
    leaves me unable to keep up.

  7. Most of us doesn’t organize things under our kitchen sink well and just
    leave it hidden behind the cabinets. Solve this bit of issue and say hi to
    a well-organized under the sink cabinet.

    How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet

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  8. Hi everyone, the new design of YouTube is frustrating for me, too! Tap on
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  9. I have cases of bottled water under my sink. I store my linens and new
    sponges in the drawer beside my sink. I have a cabinet above for any
    kitchen cleaning products. I don’t prefer to go under my sink for any
    product except water.

  10. I’m a single man and wondering if I set up my apartment like these videos
    will women think I’m crazy or will they be impressed? Serious question.