How to Organize Ties





  1. They get wrinkled that way, trust me. I just bought my boyfriend a rotating
    tie and belt rack from The Container Store and it lights up so you can see
    a pick a tie while it rotates. Simple, fancy and wrinkle free.

  2. My husband literally has 6 times the ties your husband has. He has pared
    them down to the best ones (mostly Hermès although some Ferragamo, some
    Brioni, some Gucci) and gave the others to our son who wears ties as part
    of his uniform at school. Your solution is great for someone with a modest
    collection but my husband would need an entire dresser. We have to rely
    upon a hanging system which is also color organized – a section for navy,
    one for orange, one for red, one for yellow/gold one for light blue/bright
    blue, a section for bow ties,etc. He is at the one in/one out stage and so
    anything that comes in results in another tie being deaccessioned to our

  3. this is soo coooll….. love it !!! Do you have any ideas on how to
    organize hair tools ? I’ve got like hair curling tool, hair straighter and
    hair waver tool, hair dryer.Do you have any cool ideas on how to store them