How to Organize Bulk Items in the Storage Room





  1. Great short vid. I am surprised to see no I thought u were the
    label Queen?? lol Love the vids , can’t wait for the house tour, I hope u
    go into detail on the next video. Happy Easter :)

  2. All my overflow goes in my teeny linen closet. We have a storage/shed type
    thing in our backyard. I should probably buy one of these shelves so I can
    put my bulk items in there and keep clutter outside of my house!

  3. I wonder, why there are no labels… is there a reason for this? Maybe to be
    more flexible with the space? Or because things are clearly visible?
    Would love to read a short answer. :)

  4. The hall closet is my go-to bulk storage spot. Tissues, TP, paper towels,
    batteries, mops, vacuum, etc. We took out the existing shelving &
    configured the little closet to fit the needs of what we wanted to store
    inside of it. Yes, it helps that I have a handy husband, but still, moving
    shelving around & adding pull-out bins is not rocket science. It’s just how
    much effort do you want to put into something. For me, a lil one hour
    effort made a HUGE difference & now we have a storage closet that “works”
    for us instead of us working around what our builder decided he wanted. 

  5. Funny we just put up some shelves in the unfinished portion of our basement
    for just this purpose. I’m excited to have it. When I buy the kids cereal,
    juice, etc. from Costco it’s just crazy to store that in the kitchen so I’m
    looking forward to having the extra storage for it.