How to Organize a Small Linen Closet





  1. In this video I show you how I organized my small linen closet in my home!
    In my last home, my linen closet had all of my bath products, travel
    products, medications, etc. However, in the new house, our hallway closet
    is tinyyyyy which means I can only fit my actual “linens” (towels, sheets,
    toilet paper, etc).

  2. I love your clean attention to detail. Also, really seem to enjoy whatever
    project you’re working on. What an inspiration! Oh yeah, what brand of
    label-maker do you use? I noticed all the label cartridges in one of your
    other tutorials, and was wondering which label-maker they fit into.

  3. My place is TINY with very very actual closet space. In fact, I asked my
    land lady to help me make a closet in the bathroom, so it’s a makeshift
    closet. I was wondering, do you think plastic rubbermaid bins are a good
    thing to store towels, sheets, and stuff in in a closet in the bathroom so
    they don’t smell and do not collect dust?

  4. The baskets are a great idea for linen. Where I currently live, doesn’t
    have a linen closet so I have them in boxes above the wardrobe, but I am
    moving and at the new place there is a linen closet, so I am looking
    forward to having organized towels and sheets and I might try getting
    baskets like you have. Thanks for your great ideas!

  5. I love your organizational videos! I have actually used a lot of your
    ideas! There are so many things you share that I would never think of.
    Please keep the videos coming!!!

  6. Do you have a video of your old linen closet (the large one)? I live in a
    condo but have a large linen closet and want to know how to maximize that
    space. I will be moving my medicines to that closet and my beach stuff like
    you mentioned you used to have in your old linen closet but I would love to
    see a video or pics if you have any. Thanks!

  7. how do you organize your extra blankets and comforters?? Do you have any
    video which is helpful to organize blankets and comforters?? I badly need
    it. I am having problem with organize them.