How to Organize a Narrow Kitchen Cabinet





  1. This was soooooooooooooooooooooo helpful! I have one of those narrow
    cabinets too! I have cutting boards in mine, but I think I will be changing
    to this! I love to organize!

  2. This was a great idea! I am currently having a issue with trying to figure
    out where the best place to put my foil and bags in the kitchen. I have a
    cabinet just like that and I have my table place mats and my husbands BBQ
    utensils in there. Looks like I am going to have to start a new project
    this weekend. Thanks

  3. Hi, Alejandra … love your genius order! Thanks for sharing so much with us
    here. I would LOVE to have this cabinet to store cookie sheets, cooling
    racks, bar pans, flat reversible grill/griddle pan, etc. with a few tension
    rods in place. These are some of the most cumbersome items to store in the

  4. I just keep my boxes of foils and wax papers and other stuff like that in
    my top drawer. I used to keep them down below, but when you are preggers,
    it’s hard to keep bending down. 

  5. How do you organize the small little cabinets that are found in a lot of
    homes, located above the stove. They’re so small and so high up. This is
    where I have been keeping my foil, wax paper and so forth. It is not
    organized and it’s a hustle getting the things down when I need them. I
    can’t think of what else to put up there though. 

  6. Stupid people has nothing better to do rather than noticing Alejandra’s
    shirt and writing about it. yes, she can afford all those boxes and
    organizing tools, but not the shirt. You people are annoying! Just take the
    damn FREE advice and use it!!!

  7. This is a great idea. Can you share how you store baking sheets, wire
    cooling racks and other tall skinny pans? I have them in my tall skinny
    cabinet right now and it’s a pain! Thanks. You always have the best ideas. 

  8. What a great idea! I love how you think outside of the box. As for the
    critics on what you’re wearing..making multiple videos…using 2 cameras
    and any other negative comments. Really? Get a life! Until you start
    posting videos on YouTube keep your negativity to yourselves.