How to Fold Bath, Hand & Face Towels in the Bathroom & Linen Closet





  1. I loooooove folding towels! They are just super simple to fold and it feels
    like “instant gratification” when finished In this video I show you how I
    fold all of my bath, hand, and face towels in the bathroom and linen

  2. Rest of my family (2.5 vs 1.5 – my husband being sits on the fence!!)
    aren’t into my organization skills (from time to time, my young adult
    daughters would jokingly say I have mild OCD), so I’ve given in to their
    ways in so many levels & only apply my organization skills in my work

    Once in a blue moon, I would organize one area in our house (like today –
    our linens closet) as my ME time.

    Sometimes my ME time would be re-watching yours & other organization
    YouTubers’ videos.

    You are such blessed woman to have such a supportive husband 🙂

    Keep up the good work & don’t be affected by those people that don’t agree
    with you ;-)

  3. In my previous post I said I laid my hand towels flat instead of folding in
    squares so they were ready to be put on a rack. Actually I still have to
    unfold them but I do like the flat stacked looked in the closet.

  4. It’s frustrating: when looking at the shelfs at the department store towels
    always look so neat and perfectly folded, all sitting in a straight line.
    At home? Well, not so much. It looks more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa
    reincarnated within your closet.
    So, what’s going wrong here? Eager to know we searched the web and found
    this video from Home Organizing by, explaining how to fold
    towels the proper way once and for all.

  5. I like the way these towels are folded but I do it a little different. I
    don’t care about having a super nice edge on the bath towels so I just fold
    them in a simple square. Then I fold the hand towels once length wise and
    lay them on top of the bath towels. I do the same for the face towels and
    lay them on the hand ones. It saves a little more space if you fold all
    the towels in a square, but I don’t have a problem with that. This way the
    hand and face towels are ready to hang and I don’t have to unfold them. 

  6. Wow! This video is extremely helpful. Very easy to understand and do
    myself, now my linen closet looks amazing! Definitely keeping an eye out
    for more of her videos! Organization tips for around the house can be a
    life saver! 

  7. I wouldn’t fold them like that – I would fold them over in half, length
    wise, then fold either end to the middle, then fold the new end to meet
    each other! 

  8. i love folding my towels like this. i figured out this fold when i bought
    striped towels a few years ago and wanted the stripe to run down the whole
    stack for a nice, cohesive look – plus, the narrow stack takes up less
    shelf space and maximizes the vertical space. little things like that make
    me so happy! :)

  9. As a Man, I find it shameful to have to do all this Labor. But its even
    more shameful to have a messy Home. I’ll admit. I was doing it wrong. _
    so thanks.