DIY youtube play button pillow + Q&A: accent, where I am from & more!





  1. I’m sorry about rude people who are inconsiderate towards your accent. I
    understand it’s hard to speak in another language that isn’t your primary
    one, and having people understand you. However, you shouldn’t be hated on
    because you are trying your hardest. (:

  2. Solo por ayudar y por que soy también española, si estas hablando del
    pasado , los verbos tienen que ir en pasado.Tus vídeos están bien pero si
    que es verdad que no se te entiende casi.

  3. Your accent is perfectly fine. I love it. My mum is also from the part you
    are from. I can understand you perfectly cause my mum speaks like that too.
    Love your vids! Keep up the good work :)

  4. You’re so talented>< I want to speak Spanish too.....I can only understand a few words But your english is fine..Your accent makes me giggle.....Keep up the good work XoXoXoFan from Thailand

  5. Me encantan tus vídeos! Ya he hecho unos cuantos Diy’s pero los tuyos son
    mis favoritos. No te preocupes pir el acento, la verdad es que lo
    pronuncias muy bien. Saludos! ;)

  6. Your english accent is amazing ! And don’t listen to these sassy people
    they are just jealous because your accent is cute and unusual and also I
    love your videos they are super amazing! Keep it up!

  7. I love your videos and your accent too.
    I understand everything that you say because i am not english / or american
    too , I am portuguese but i have family in Spain jaja
    Me gustan mucho tus videos (i think that is it in spain jeje,
    Besitos and my name is mafalda

  8. my channel is suppose to have more diys, but i can’t think of any! how do u
    think of so many diys? And you’re so good with your videos! i just found
    out about u yesterday and I’m trying to watch all of them! Anyways
    hopefully u reply, but if u can’t i totally understand if your busy!

  9. Your accent is gorgeous and perfectly easy to understand! Your English is
    great! People who say otherwise obviously have mushrooms or something
    stuffed down there ears 🙂