DIY room organization & storage ideas! Room decor for 2015





  1. Aaaaaaww está preciosa la cajita!!!! Súper idea!!! Voy a hacerla. De hecho
    puedes hacerlo también con la funda/case/carcasa del celular. 

  2. Hey,I was thinking,why don’t you do a draw your life video with a
    whiteboard and makers.I want to see your story and path,also they’re really
    popular with watchers!Hope you do one!

  3. super cute! I was thinking that the hot glue wouldn’t be necessary in the
    embroidery hoop, but then I considered that the weight of earrings would be
    considerably more than the weight of thread. I need to try that one, I’m
    always losing one of my earrings!

  4. I know I’m bothering you with my requests and comments but to make it a bit
    more professional,you can have an actual description in the description box
    instead of everything you say in the video. It’s actually useless since you
    have captions. Sorry for annoying you again. But I just love your channel
    and your ideas and I want to see the best of it. Is that selfish? Anyways I
    love your videos!

  5. The decoden box is gorgeous! You should totally do some decoden cases for
    your phone and make a video! 😀 that would be amazing. I’ve always wanted
    to make some, but I can’t find any white silicone, just clear and that
    wouldn’t look as good 🙁 If you see this could you please tell me where
    you’re from? I’m very curious 🙂 

  6. I adore you and all of your ideas, you are so creative and I love that your
    videos are so bright and colorful!!! & we are seriously on the same
    wavelength I have my diy room org ideas video going up tomorrow. And a
    couple weeks ago we also did DIY room decor on the same day. Great minds
    think alike apparently haha!