DIY Room Decor & Room Art with Nail Polish! Many Room Ideas to Decorate and Spice UP Your Room!





  1. Great video it was fun watching your video but I wouldn’t recommend using
    nail polish for diys, I love the tin that you painted and when you put the
    knob on, I love the picture frame that you painted it really stood out but
    I just wouldn’t keep a cardboard picture frame in my bedroom but I would be
    delighted to make it but not cut it but usually I love cutting all sorts of
    junk and then recycling it or making something and finally phew I would
    make the pencil pot but I just like buying the things but you do your
    colouring and drawing very nicely do to be honest ilove the stuff lol thats
    a lot but I enjoyed your video!

  2. +DazzleDIY
    No offence, but I dont understand what was the use of using nail paints!?
    You could simply use acrylic paints that are cheaper plus I wouldn’t like
    to waste my nail paints on these.I’d rather do all the same things you
    showed with paints.

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