DIY Room Decor ✽ Organize Your Room!





  1. Some thigs with the boxes caught my eye….first – you are usin a rubber
    but the lines are still awry…secondly – the wrinkely tissue paper on the
    boxes looks like you did them sloppy….

  2. Hi everybody!It’s been a while since I posted a video like this,so I
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    a month with school,so you have all your school supplies all organized in
    whatever you used to organize it…so now that that’s all done,it’s time to
    pay a bit more attention to your room.These are just super easy ways to
    store stuff.I especially love how they’re so inexpensive.You just have to
    put a few cheap things together and u get this very grand looking item.I
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  3. After many refreshes, I chose not to watch any more of your videos until I
    don’t have to watch the commercial for “Threads” each time. We get it, we
    get it… I just don’t need to see that commercial more than once. Could
    you please add a “skip” button?

  4. I loved the little box she made! I was looking for a way to wrap a gift
    card in a super cute way, and just found the perfect solution! Thanks +
    DazzleDIY *<3*

  5. Does anybody know where you can get this circle ruler that she used in 8:40?
    I think it´s really useful but I don´t know where I can get those here in
    germany…is there a way to buy them from the internet? o.O

  6. I’m literally mad. People that are commenting: “Omg your coping bethany
    Shut up.
    Bethany ain’t the queen. Holy crap the girl in the video is breathing. “She
    copied Bethany” she is wearing a pink shirt “she’s copying bethany”. I’M
    SICK OF YOU PEOPLE. Beth doesn’t even post any more. God. At least this
    girl actually posts….