DIY PHONE CASES! Many iPhone Case DIY Ideas: Colorful, Pattern, Unique, Ombre, Glitter, Easy, Cheap!





  1. Omdz these phone cases are AWESOME! My purse is now successfully empty from
    buying lots of different things! Please do more of these xx
    Which one is your favourite? 

  2. Yes…1st comment……. dear dazzleDIY can you please do a crafty market
    day tutorial? Please…that would really help……PS you are the
    best…your chanel is simple and so crafty…

  3. Dear dazzle diy, I do not know what ‘s real name is , but I want to say
    that I love your videos. I am a 11 year old girl from Netherlands . but I
    can be a little english . most things I must decipher by looking good . 😉
    I get a lot of inspiration from your videos. Many greetings from Netherlands


    ps I have this translated into google translate : D

  4. An idea is if you go to a concert or fan signing event, print of a picture
    of whoever that person is, with some blank white space, you can get their
    autograph in the empty space, and you can put it in your phone case….idk

  5. Aubrey, you make some of my favorite videos. I always come onto YouTube and
    hope that you post a video. Keep up with the good work and thank you so
    much for taking your time and effort into making videos for the viewers. I
    think you deserve this and much more from the world. And please try to make
    some iPad DIYs. Thank you so much for taking my suggestion into thought.
    Keep on shining like the star you are! I will stay yuned and keep watching
    your videos forever and on!
    – Idan <3