DIY Organization Ideas (Part 1)





  1. Thank you for the great ideas, I have to tackle my drawers, closet and
    shelves and have been looking for ways to do it on a budget since
    everything to organize is so ridiculously expensive. These are great budget
    fruendly ideas that are making me want to get started so thanks for the
    motivation L poo rd kn poo ws I neeeded motivatiin lol.. Have a blessed and
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Alejandra

  2. I *always* love your ideas. You are the epitome of organization to me. You
    and Julie Morgenstern are like the organizing goddesses. But I must admit,
    often ideas or methods seem unreachable to me, simply because I cannot
    afford places like the Container store and the like. I always LOVE to see
    when your more budget friendly ideas come around, like when you use dollar
    stores, etc. Now THIS video hit home! I clicked it right away and my eyes
    got large! THIS stuff I can do, and you truly inspire. Please keep ones
    like this coming, I could eat em up! 😉 That lazy susan thing is such a
    stroke of genius. I cannot wait to get to the dollar store to make one, and
    buy up the contact paper and duct tape. LOL Thank you for inspiring me
    today, and I look forward to more videos like this. =) Happy New Year to