DIY Notebooks for back to school! Doughnuts, Tumblr & more! DIY supplies





  1. OMG!!!! You are so amazing! Your drawing is so perfect and it looks like
    i’m never going to be able to draw that! 🙁
    Your second notebook is the one that i really wanna do but looks like all
    hopes are gone now :(

  2. I live in england and the school systems are so much more different from
    the us and other countries, because all the schools are public shools and
    are payed for by the government, we get given our notebooks for each
    subject and I get a detention if I draw on them

  3. It is so cute I love it I just watch it almost everyday hahahaha it just so
    nice I really did follow all of thisit turned out great, my friends want me
    to make them something like it good job keep it up…
    from:a fan …

  4. Hiii! Im aslo from spain but im not a youtuber… and i’ve read a lot of
    comments with; your accent its so bad, but dont worry (i understand
    everything) and you diys are amazing and super , SUPER cool !!! Please
    continue doing this!! You’re such a great youtuber!

  5. You just got your self a new subscriber! I loved the idea and how personal
    it was!I can’t wait to make it and when my friends ask me where i got it
    i’ll say “I made it!” And i’ll say “Search DIYlover on Youtube!” Then
    you’ll hit 1,0000 subscribers in no time! Also i LOVE your acsent its
    amazing! Anyways i love ya bye!!! ^_^

  6. This was honestly one of my favorite back to school diy supplies video I’ve
    seen so far! I don’t know what made me love it so much but I just do!
    Thanks for the awesome video :))

  7. Holy crap you have the most creative and amazing diy’s – the second
    notebook blew my mind! I could never do something so neat and intricate but
    it looks gorgeous :P