DIY Nautical Shoes video


Here’s another cool DIY craft video.

Learn how to add a nautical flair to a plain pair of canvas shoes! See all the videos from this challenge week right here:…

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  1. I absolutely love what everyone did for this shoe challenge. I think this
    particular shoe is one I would use more often than some of the others even
    though I would love to have a pair that look like each of the shoes created
    this week. I think it’s fun to see people decorating shoes again. I used to
    do this decorating of shoes about 25 years ago. Watching you guys this week
    has made me think about up cycling a comfortable pair of more expensive
    sneakers that really no longer look nice. That might be a challenge you
    could do, taking older sneakers that are still comfortable, but look ugly
    and upcycling them to a new designer look. By the way there is an additive
    you can purchase at the craft store in the acrylic paint section that you
    can add to your acrylic paint to make it more of a fabric paint so that it
    stays softer on your fabric. I usually have some so I don’t have to buy two
    different kinds of paint all the time.

  2. Definitely my favourite of all the designs !! Nautical designs and objects
    alone are my absolute favourite. I’m certainly going to be making these !

  3. Who sets the challenges for you guys? Is it one of you, or a neutral party
    so none of you know what’s coming? Loved all of your different takes on the
    shoes though!