Easy Valentines Day Pictures Heart Photo Collage


Valentine’s Day is aproaching fast once again, and with that comes the annual last minute gift panic. We will show you how you can make a very easy and cheap Valentines Day picture heart decoration for your wall.

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You will need:

First you should cut your pictures on the trimmer to the same size. We used squares of 4×4 in this example.

Start with your first picture. Put some double sided tape on the back of the picture and stick it to the wall. Make sure it is somewhat level.

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Next, take the painters tape and put a strip on the edges and the top. This is to measure the distance between the pictures and to keep everything symmetrical. It will be removed later.

valentines day pictures


Now, place your next picture over the first one, and repeat the tape process.

valentines day pictures


It’s going to start looking like this. How many rows of pictures you want is determined by the size of the Valentine’s Day pictures heart.

valentines day pictures


Keep putting the tape in between every row of pictures to have a nice and even flow.

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valentines day pictures


At the end you will end up with a picture like this. You can add more pictures to make the heart bigger, or to give it a slightly different shape.

valentines day pictures

Now just remove the painters tape, and voila! A nice Valentine’s Day pictures wall art!

valentines day pictures


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For detailed instructions, see the video below!