DIY Happy + Positive Room Art Decorations! Many Ideas on Ways to Boost Your Mood with Room Decor!





  1. You should start doing giveaways with the things you make. I know you don’t
    have EVERYTHING you make hanging on your wall so I’m sure it’s just stored
    away and I’m sure alot of people would like to win some of those things.
    Just a thought 😀 Like this if you agree so maybe she’ll see it

  2. I love how u use recycled materials so everybody has them at their house
    and u don’t have to waste ur money buying supplies. Also it great for the
    environment! Ur one of my favorite crafters on YouTube!

  3. I was depressed for almost 4 years an I couldn’t go to school for almost 2
    years.. I’m finally getting better and I’m going to school again after new
    year, I will make these to remind me that I can do this and that happiness
    is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves it including me.. never thought
    that I would say these things.. glad I didn’t give up and I hope this gives
    me an extra boost to reach my goals 🙂 oh and sorry for my bad English haha

  4. Thanks for watching! Leave a comment below sharing how you stay happy AND
    LIKE this video if you plan on being more POSITIVE and happy in 2015!!!! :]