DIY Gift Bow Ideas for the Holidays + How to Wrap Gifts, Holiday Gift Decorating Ideas and Tips





  1. You could also staple the bows onto a piece of card stock or sticky backed
    paper if u know your recipient would like to reuse or just keep the bows.

  2. great vid! i like your diys because you concentrate on the diys. a lot of
    other channels mix in too many vlogs and talk too much about their life.
    i’d rather they’d make a separate channel for that 

  3. I loved all of these bows. My only recommendation is that it would be best
    to create these bows on a piece of cardstock instead of directly onto the
    gift. This way, your bows can be changed and people you give them to can
    reuse them and pass on the creativity.

  4. Thank you for this video!! I will be Christmas shopping tonight and now I’m
    more excited to get little gift boxes, and wrap them up all pretty with
    your bow ideas! Thanks again for the amazing video <3