DIY Fall & Halloween Crafts ✽ Room Decor & Decorations!





  1. This is awesome – very creative, and different from the usual Halloween
    decorations! I think the skull art is my favourite. I love, love love
    Halloween, possibly my favourite holiday of the year! I did some spooky
    drawings on my own channel to celebrate too! x

  2. me and you are just alike we love arts and crafts and doing nails. I love
    all your videos and I’ve almost done every single one of them and they
    worked and everything is inexpensive! in your next video you should do a
    draw my life of what you think your feature is or a house tour.

  3. Sorry, I like your channel and your videos but your sound is annoying.
    Don’t get it wrong, I am just saying my thoughts… ( sorry if I write
    wrong, because I am Turkish and I am 11 )

  4. Hey guys, not trying to be disrespectful but if you like DIY Videos, and
    tutorials (which I guess is why you are watching this?) and you want to see
    more DIY Videos have a look at my channel please?! I’m trying to get to
    2000 subs before Christmas!!!!! 🙂 xx