Amaze your friends with these BBQ Food Hacks


Use these amazing Grill hacks at your next party to blow your friends minds and save yourself a lot of work!

Winter is in its final breaths and with summer being right around the corner, it’s time to step up your barbeque game! With these easy hacks you will make your friends think you’re a Barbeque-Badass, and they’ll be sure to remember your party!

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1. Don’t run out of gas!

If you’re one of the guys who chose the easy way out and use a gas grill, then make sure that you won’t run out mid-grill. While a medium rare steak is delicious, an undercooked chicken will leave your guests with “montezumas revenge”! (Look up what that means, if you don’t know it yet)
You can use this trick with some water to see how much gas is left in your propane tank!

2. Marinate your meat in beer!

Yes, you read that right. Beer, liquid deliciousness on tap, now perfecting you steaks!

Marinade meat in beer
Image by Michael Dalder/REUTERS

Grilling causes carcinogenic PAHs and HCAs to form in your meat. But since science is just as awesome as grilling and beer, science have discovered that you can avoid this effect by marinating your meat in dark beer! (Not that we needed a reason for that anyways)

3. ALWAYS marinade/spice your proteins! No “buts”!

Marinade meats
Image via I Want Crazy

Marinade the hell out of that sucker! Even if you’re not crazy about the beer marinade, marinating your meat is a perfect way to add a huge amount of flavor and tenderize at the same time.

4. Clean and disinfect your grill with an onion!

Clean grill with onion

Heat your grill up and take half of an onion, and rub the grill grate down with it. It cleans the surface better than anything else and certain natural disinfectant qualities of the onion helps to kill all the bacteria from last years BBQ! If you like the taste/smell of onions, you can throw it into your charcoal after cleaning to give your meat some more flavor.

5. Prep grill before, save time later!

Prepare grill with oil
Image via Olive This

Have you ever looked at your messy grill and thought “Eh, that’s next year’s me’s problem”? And one year later, this year’s me isn’t very happy… To avoid a sticky mess, simply take a sturdy paper towel soaked in cooking oil and rub it over the grate. This will prevent sticky food residues!

6. Switch Barbeque Tongues for Chopsticks

Steak with chopsticks Yep, chopsticks! With a little bit of practice you can flip about anything with a pair of chopsticks. Even if you prefer your tongues, chopsticks are a great tool to recover foods that fall between the grates!

7. Fancy-up your Hot Dogs

Hot dog spiral cuts

Spiral cut your hot dogs before grilling for a perfect crispy outside, and a juicy tender inside. Bonus: It makes you look like a 5 Star Grillmaster to your friends!

8. Start your meats in the microwave

Cook meat in microwave

We’ve all been there… You just started your grill and your first guests show up. If you don’t have enough time to fully grill your meats and entertain at the same time, simply start your meats in the microwave to speed up the process. Make sure you don’t cook it all the way so you can finish it on the grill and add some nice smoky flavor and fancy grill marks.

9. Muffin Sheets and empty Six-Pack Carriers make great Condiment displays

Barbeque condiments Filling a muffin sheet with your condiments saves tons of room on already cluttered tables and is super easy to clean up!

Six pack condiment Storing napkins and condiment bottles in an empty six pack carrier makes for easy clean up, and prevents bottles from being knocked over by playing children or wind.

10. Don’t waste leftover heat when your meat is done!

Grill smores When your meats are done, there’s always plenty of heat left. Instead of letting this heat go to waste, use it to cook delicious deserts like s’mores!

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