3 Holiday Party DIYs with MayBaby





  1. Wow! I am a MayBaby and I love HGTV Handmade, so it’s great that you came
    on the show.
    I’ve never seen that peppermint candy bowl idea before, very creative!! I
    also loved the plate , very unique, and the snowmen were sooo cute!!! (And
    try looked yum too!!

  2. WOW!!! these are all really creative ideas i still want to make tem even
    though its past christmas just because there all really winter reallated
    ideas!!! ilysm meg!! +MayBaby 

  3. She could’ve put mod podge on the under side of the snowman because it
    dries clear, and it would be a big issue if the bottom of the Plate got wet
    Because it is just tissue paper, she should’ve put a couple of layer of mod
    podge on the bottom of the plate and the edges so it could be somewhat
    water resistant. 

  4. These are all so cute Meg! When you first showed the plate, I was like, did
    she paint that? It’s amazing! But collaging with old Christmas cards is
    such a smart idea!